A Tech Central Station Review of Buck Wild

It begins thusly:

“File this under famous last words, somewhere next to Herbert Hoover’s pre-Depression promise that prosperity was right around the corner: ‘The only hope to stop the spending is to elect George W. Bush.’ Congressman John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) made this fateful prediction back in 2000, when most fiscal conservatives believed unified Republican control of Capitol Hill would bring about a smaller federal government.

Six years later, such hopes seem almost delusional. Together President Bush and congressional Republicans have brought about record increases in discretionary spending (much of it completely unrelated to the war on terror), an enlarged federal role in education and the biggest new entitlement since LBJ ushered in the Great Society. Conservative compassion has ended up having a price tag comparable to the liberal variety.”

You can readĀ the whole thingĀ here.

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